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       Social Media Uploading

Photo Party Upload does just what the name says. We upload to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Email, and Text Message.

Facebook Uploading

Facebook Like  -  Use this feature to get more likes for your client's Facebook page and drive up traffic.

Album - Uploaded photos will appear on the guest's personal Facebook profile. Photos are posted in an album on the guest's personal Facebook profile. A notification of new photos usually appears on the guest's wall.

Wall Message - A thumbnail of one photo along with a message, title, and link will appear on the Guest's personal Facebook profile.  Wall Message is great for including messaging along with your photos on Facebook. You can customize the title, link, and message that appears with the post. 

Album + Wall Message - Uploaded photos will appear in an album on the Guest's personal Facebook profile as well as on their wall with a custom message. 

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Instagram Uploading

Photo Party Upload was the first company to be able to upload to Instagram and have led the way in working with that platform.





Photo Party Upload can be branded for any client from corporate to birthday party. The background and total interface can be customized. Teaming this feature up with unique URL puts together a branding package that is unmatched.

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Use a Facebook wall post or email message to link your Guests to their own unique website where their photos will be hosted. You can customize the look of the website in full HTML including: banner, header, footer, background, page title, and page description. In addition, you can add re-share options to all major social media sites then track the spread of your photos, and page impressions for real time metrics of online brand exposure.

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                                                                                                          Screenless Background Removal

Screenless background is our newest technology which allows any photographer to instantly remove the background in the photos and replace it with a digital background. No more need for an ugly green screen at your event. Make background removal screenless and mobile!


Print from any iPad to any Windows-enabled printer by plugging the printer into the PC running on the same WiFi network.

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Now you can upload videos live to social media sites using Photo Party Upload. Video  integration is perfect for video booths, testimonials, marketing events, and more!

 Supported file types include: .mp4, .avi, .mov, .mpeg, .mkv, .mpg, .flv, .ogg





Pre-determine the questions, multiple choice or fill in the blank, for your guests to fill out. Take your Corporate game to another level!






Pre-determine the address, subject line and email message that your guests will receive, with their pictures embedded in the body of the email.