Meet a Pro User

Industry leading professionals have generously donated their time to share their experience and insights using Photo Party Upload . Come by the trade show floor or our demo room and catch one of these Professionals in action.

The Professionals:

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Lisa Oler -Smile Lounge Photo Booth

Based in Los Angeles, CA. Lisa is a master at networking and specializes in custom photo activations for Fortune 500 companies and premier social events.

When:  April 15th 12-1pm

Where: Trade Show Floor



Aldo Valadez - I Touch booth

Located in southern California but works nation wide and specialties in interactive green screen and custom activations for the entertaignment and marketing industry.

When:  April 14th 3-4pm

Where: Trade Show Floor 



Kristy Ethredge & Kelly Williams - On the Flipside

On The Flipside is spearheaded by two talented, innovative and passionate women with over a collective of 15 years of experience in event planning and on-site marketing. Driven by the desire to deliver an unsurpassed experience, Kristy and Kelly believe customization, customer service and cutting-edge technology are the main facets that comprise On The Flipside.

When: April 14th 2-3pm & 5-6pm

Where: Demo Room

Mose James - 

Owner of OMG Booth, Mose is a master of graphic design making his guest's photos pop every time! 

When: April 15th 3-4pm

Where: Demo Room

Phil Wexler - fotoboys

Fotoboys are masters of all things photo related for both corporate and social markets. 

When: April 14th 5-6pm  & April 15th 1-2pm 

Where: 14th - Trade Show Floor 15th - Demo Room

Mike Wexler- fotoboys

When: April 14th 4-5pm & April 15th 3-4pm

Where:  14th- Trade Show Floor   15th - Demo Room

Elliot Gosling - 

Elliot is a trend setter in the photo booth industry in Europe where marketing professionals look to Elliot for his tech savvy creativity to bring their ideas to life.

When: April 14th 2-3pm

Where: Trade Show Floor 


Meir Israel - South Beach Photo Company

An industry leader widely known for their custom corporate photo activations and advanced photo booth operations for high profile social events.

When: April 15th 1-2pm

Where: Demo Room